Wednesday, January 7, 2015

'Autumn' in Acrylic

Bright colors always inspire me. That is why I am fascinated by autumn colors. I am contemporary realistic artist and like to play with bright colors while painting. I feel that it shows the happiness, energy, movement, rhythm, music etc. Usually my focus is on figurative paintings and portraits. Because I believe that I can show expressions, gestures, mood, movements and flow. However, recently I am also making scenic view paintings. Following is my first painting in 'Autumn' series. It is made in acrylic medium on canvas (Set of 3) I am planning to create more paintings in this series...

'Autumn', Acrylic on Canvas (Set of 3) | Anju Saran Arts
Original available for sale ($600)
Giclees/Prints available

 I added texture in this painting. I used gel and texture mediums with the paint to give some volume. I am successful for some extent but still looking for better options of different mediums to make acrylic paints as smooth as oil paints.